Twelfth Annual UNI Mini-Sumo Smackdown Scheduled: 9:00 am, Friday, April 21, 2017, Video of 2016 Event Available

ORTHOBOT (Mike Dvorsky) and CRYSTAL (Krissy Nielsen) prepare to compete



The 2017 registration form is attached below. If you need immediate help, contact Dale Olson by email at:, or call the UNI Physics Office, 319-273-2420, and speak with the Physics Secretary, Becky Adams.

In support of the 2017 competition, a link to the video recording of the April 22 2016, Smackdown is provided here:   Then, also, for the first time ever, a playtable to the 2016 event has been created. The 2016 video play table shows the video clock time for each two-robot contest. The 2016 searchable video playtable is available via the following OneDrive link:!AsCsfLAp6DmviSY9UtD4DeFm2n1w

Use the find function (Ctrl-f) to follow any one particular robot through the entire 2016 competition.

Information about the 2016 (Eleventh) Smackdown

ARTEMIS - Builder: Nathan Burnside, Los Alamos, NM

Additional informaton about the 2016 Smackdown follows. Overall 2016 winner: ARTEMIS, built by Nathan Burnside, of Los Alamos, NM, pictured at the left

2016 Student Winner: SEAMUS, built and programmed by Ron Pepmeyer, pictured below right.

SEAMUS, built by Ron Pepmeyer, UNI Computer Science










As in 2016, the 2017 MiniSumo Smackdown will be broadcast live on the internet, from the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Maucker Student Union, Hemisphere Lounge, 9:00 am - 11:00 am. As noted above, the 2017 Smackdown  is scheduled for April 21. (UNI is located in Cedar Falls, Iowa.) The standings for the 2016 Smackdown are available at: Fourteen student robots and ten visiting robots (nine pictured below, left) 

2016 Smackdown Visiting Robots battled for the two top (plaque) awards, one to the overall winner, and one to the top student builder. Students from Biology, Computer Science, Movement and Exercise Science, Physics, Science Education, and Technology (manufacturing with Metal Casting Emphasis) participated.

Student competitors were Ethan Hunter (MYSTERY), Trevor Dunt (JERRY), Corry Valeika (OXANA), Jacob  Johnson (WALL-E), Joseph Christensen (TACO), Colton Warnke (HAL), Nate Nelson (QT3.14), Krissy Nielsen (CRYSTAL), Matthew Junge (TIGER), Ron Pepmeyer (SEAMUS), Riley Morgan (DANNY DEVITO), Aaron Anderson (RAGNAR), Henry Broer (BIRD), and Michael Odland (ODLAND).

 Visiting robots came from Los Alamos, NM (2 by Nathan Burnside, 2 by Alan Saenz), Fort Wayne, IN (1 by Rick Brooks (1), Peroria, IL (4 by Mike Dvorsky), and Cedar Falls, IA (1, by Electronic Artist, Bradford Holland). 






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